Monday, July 30, 2012

Barcelona, a City Like No Other

Gaudi's touch permeates the city

Wandering in the Gothic quarter

Barcelona, a bustling Mediterranean metropolis
Food Wonderland

Spain can be very proud to have two cities like Madrid and Barcelona. If Madrid will delight your senses than Barcelona will overwhelm them. If you are about to visit Barcelona prepare yourself for a sensory overload in Gaudi's hometown.

Barcelona is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It's my second visit to this northern Spanish metropolis, but I felt just as delighted as on my first trip there.

The streets, the buildings, the smells, the sea, the people and the little surprises here and there will keep you happy during your entire stay here.

Mediterranean and cosmopolitan, yet clinging to its unique Catalan cultural heritage, a blend which only adds to the charm of the city. No wonder it is the fourth most visited European city with several millions of tourists coming each year to immerse themselves in the uniqueness that is Barcelona.

From an ancient Roman town to a modern bustling metropolis, Barcelona surely impresses. To many, the work of Antoni Gaudi defines the city with its one of kind approach to architecture and style. His work spread across the city in the form of buildings, parks and perhaps most prominently by the Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) cathedral which dominates the Barcelona landscape. This cathedral is a true gem, although some parts are still under construction, it is an absolute must see if you ever visit the city.

I am sure you would want to visit the old city and enjoy its unique architectural style, pay a visit to the museums and walk on the sea-side promenade, but one thing I absolutely loved about Barcelona is its famous food market: La Boqueria. Located in the heart of Las Ramblas, it's my favorite spot in the city. It makes sense for food lovers, it evokes your senses and calls your attention for the neat display of fresh products that enchant you with their bright colors.

I won't say much, I will leave you with these pics that need no comments. Just be sure to visit La Boqueria should you come to Barcelona.

Can´t wait to shop some of these treats and prepare some exquisite recipes!!

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