Saturday, August 15, 2015

Super Easy Sweet Canapés!

Each month the Google plus community foodiesplus selects a special theme and for August canapés were featured. Canapés are ideal if you are entertaining a small group of friends or a large crowd during special occasions.
In addition to being elegant, they are extremely versatile and can be either savory or sweet. Canapés are fun to make and can be miniaturized versions of main dishes.
Personally, I decided to make sweet canapés featuring delicious summer fruits in addition to being a snap to make.

The ingredients I used are pretty common and easy to find. Additionally, the combinations you can make are quite flexible and you can alter ingredients according to your liking.

So to make these little beauties you need:
  • mini toasts
  • cream cheese
  • strawberries, blackberries and flat peach
  • honey and maple syrup
  • rosemary, lavender and pecans for garnish
  • chocolate spread

Prepare the fruits by cutting the peaches and the strawberries into thin slices; of course the blackberries are left whole.
The cream cheese should be removed a bit ahead of time from the fridge to make it more spreadable. You can mix the cheese with the maple syrup or honey or you can drizzle them later on the canapés. 

To assemble, spread the cream cheese or chocolate spread in reasonable amounts and layer the fruits on top. Drizzle the maple syrup or honey on top, if you haven't mixed them into the cream cheese.

I used the following combinations:
  • Chocolate spread, strawberries and garnished with rosemary leaves
  • Cream cheese, blackberries, maple syrup and garnished with a bit of crushed pecans.
  • Cream cheese, peaches, honey and garnished with a bit of lavender flowers.
You can play with these combinations as you want, but I do feel these flavors work best together. 
Next time you have friends coming over and you're short on time, these canapés will be a life saver. Enjoy!

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