Tuesday, January 1, 2013

End and Start Your Year with Decorated Cookies

As we bid 2012 farewell and we welcome 2013 with excitement I decided to take more time to master the art of decoration, especially that of cookie decoration.
So challenge yourself this year and start 2013 on a sweet and artistic note.

I will not share the recipes now as I am short on time, but the cookies I made share the same basic ingredients but differ in the added flavorings. Both flavors are warm and festive: orange and vanilla cookies and rose petals and walnuts cookies!

With these cookies you can use your artistic imagination to create endless combinations of shapes and colors. Hopefully, I will share with you many tips and tricks on how to decorate cookies very soon.

Enjoy the pictures and hope you like what you see.
The different patterns and shapes I created
A beautiful Christmas tree

Elegant Snow Flakes
An abstract shape of a Christmas tree

Beautiful abstract green lines

Beautiful abstract red  lines

The mistletoe, a Christmas classic

All cookies wrapped in bags for individual servings. 

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